Our Business Line

   Hard Drives

 2x2 TB                             see what 1 TB can Hold

   True Available Space

 1.81 TB                                see explanation here

   Logical Drives in WHS  C (120-GB Operating System), D (1.50 TB - Data)

   RAID Data Protection

 RAID 1 (Mirror)      click here for RAID explanation




 Intel Pentium Dual Core G630


 1155 LGA with USB 3.0

   DVD Writer  Yes
   Hot Swappable Bay  Yes

   Network Adapter

 10/100/100 MB/s (1 Gig)

   Operating System Included

 Windows Home Server 2011 (COA Included)


   Case Details

   Dimensions (LxWxH)

   18.5 x 7.3 x 16.1

   Power Supply

   500 W (High Quality and Efficiency)

   Cooling Fan

   2x120mm (Very Quite)

   Internal Bays

   3.5'' - 7 Total / 5 Avail, 5.25'' - 4 Total / 2 Avail

   Other Features

   Great Airflow, Solid Construction

  Sale Price: $729.00  S&H: 42.76





  Possible Additions / Upgrades  

  Intel i3 Quad Thread CPU


  Intel i5 Quad Core CPU


  Additional Hot Swappable Bay Tray


  Additional Network Adapter (1 Gig)


  Upgrade to 2x3TB Hard Drives (Available 2.7TB) Raid 1


  Upgrade to 3x2TB Hard Drives (Available 3.5TB) Raid 5


  Upgrade to Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials

  (includes additional 8GB Ram for total of 16GB)