WHS Server Add-ons (with Server Purchase only)

Following items are not required for your Server but are available for you at discounted rates before we ship your server.

Add-ons such as RAM upgrades and DVD Writers are often added by customers later on. It is so much cheaper and safer to take advantage of these option during assembly time.


Item Possible Reasons for Add-on Price  

Upgrade DDR3 RAM from 4GB to 8GB


Better performance. 4GB is excellent for WHS normal operations. 8GB would help with any large applications such as streaming, video converting and editing.



Internal DVD Writer

Useful if installing software not specifically designed for WHS. You can always use a DVD drive from your workstations mapped into the WHS over network for occasional install or external DVD drive if you wish.



Additional SATA Controller Card

If your WHS already has MAX number of HDs (Usually 6) and you want to add DVD drive, you will need this card. It also has a eSata connector for optional external Drives.




Hot Swap Bay

Provides an easy access to your HD(s). Most would use it as a additional backup option. Plug in a HD, backup data, take it with you. It can also be used to add storage space for WHS (it will not be a part of RAID if you have existing RAID already).

It supports all standard 3.5 SATA HDs (not included)




Hot Swap Bay additional tray only

Extra tray to be used with above Hot Swappable Bay for. Used for offsite backup.

It supports all standard 3.5 SATA HDs (not included)




Upgrade to i3, i5 or i7 CPU

Included with RAID Intel Servers G620 is an excellent CPU. It far exceeds any requirements for normal WHS functions. But if you wish to upgrade to a faster processor you can as your motherboard supports up to i7 CPUs. They do change in price quite often so just contact us for a current upgrade price.

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Motherboard Upgrades

Motherboards come in many variations within the same Chipset. If you are looking for a specific features, such as HDMI output, different USB, PCI or PCI Express configuration please let us know. The price differences are usually small.

Motherboards we offer have most common features, please click on pictures on the bottom of the ad to enlarge it and see full Motherboard layout and specs.

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Additional Network Card

All WHS already come with 10/100/1000 Network Card. This option is for an additional card.





It is important to have your server just right from the beginning.

If you have any questions please email us and we will be happy to assist you.







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